Gond at Darbar Sahib

Yesterday Bhai Harpreet Singh sang a beautiful bandish in Raag Gond in Darbar Sahib. Luckily I was listening live and had my recording software ready. This is bhagat Namdev's shabad. It is difficult to hear Gond too often although it is a simple raag; so it was a pleasure to hear this rendition. I also include a bandish from Bhai Avtar Singh that I found on the web herewith:

[I used to have recordings of this earlier; but they have now been lost]

Updated from 2020: Ruminations on Moko Taar Le


  1. Both the Gond Raag links given above don't seem to be working. They take you to a landing page on myspace.com and searches therein don't yield any results either. Could you please restore them.