Dhanasri Compilation

Bandhna har bandhna
Halat sukh palat sukh (Partal)
Halat sukh palat sukh nit sukh simarano
Har charan sarana gobind dukh bhanjana
Koi Naam Na Janai Mera
Kaisee Aarti Hoye - Dr. Gurnam Singh
Kaisee Aarti Hoye - Bhai Avtar Singh
Gursikh Meet Chalo Gur Chaali - Bhai Avtar Singh
Jap Man Sadaa Satnam - Bhai Balbir Singh
Gopal Tera Aarta - Prof. Surinder Singh (Raj Academy)

Dhanasri Purvi
Mere Man Laaga Hai Ram Pyaarey

South Indian Dhanasree
While this is not usually true, this raag has the same name in north and south indian classical music. Here is a nice instrumental piece in Dhanasree:

And Yesudas singing Dhanasree:

With a Vadi 'Ma' Bhimpalasi has a very different mood from Dhanasri, however, the notes are exactly the same. When the 'Ma' is weaker, the mood and ambience is very similar. The drut portion of the following recording of Ashwini Bhide starts at 5:37' and is a beautiful composition set in Ek Taal: