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"योगी सोते हुए भी जागता है और भोगी जागते हुए भी सोता है।"
Yogi awakes while asleep, Bhogi sleeps while awake


Hoshiyar Rehna Re Nagar Main Chor Avega
Jaagrat Rehna Re Nagar Main Chor Avega
Chor Avega Re ik din Kaal Avega
Hoshiyar Rehna Re Nagar Main Chor Avega

Na Dar Tode Na Ghar Phode Na Koi Roop Dikhawega
Is Nagri Se Koi Kaam Nahin Hai Tujhe Pakad Le Jayega

Teer Top Talwar Na Barchhi Na Bandook Chalavega
Aavat Jaat Nazar Nahin Aveh Bheetar Hi Ghoom Ghoomavega

Bhai bandhu Sab Kutamb Kabila Dekhat Hi Reh Jayega
Dhan Daulat Aur Maal Khajina Yahin Dharaa Reh Jayega

Muthhi baandh kar Aaya re pagle, Haath pasaar ke jayega
Kahe Kabir Suno Bhaye Sadho Karni Ka Phal Payega


Be awake, be alert,
One day a thief
will come to the city

He'll not be invisible
He wont break any door
He wont destroy the house
He wont care about the city
His interest will be you
He'll take you away

He won't carry a bow,
Neither a cannon, nor a sword
He wont strike with a gun
Coming and going he won't be visible
He will spin you from inside

Your friends, family will be helpless
Wealth and treasure will remain here

You came to this world closed fisted
You will leave with open hands
Kabir says you will face
the destiny of your

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