Why wander around? Jewels are in your heart! -Kabir

Lyrics and Translation

Aiso Aiso Heerla Ghat Mo Kahiye
Jhori Bina Heero Kon Parkhe

Tharo Raam Hriday Mai Bahir Kyon Bhatke

Esa Esa Ghirat Doodh Ma Kahiye
Bina Jhugiye Maakhan Kesa Nikale

Esa Esa Aag Lakdi Ma Kahiye
Bina Ghasiye Aag Kesa Nikale

Esa Esa Kyaad Hivde Ma Jadiye
Guraan Bina Taala Kon Khole

Kehat Kabira Suno Bhai Saadho
Raam Mile Thaae Kon Hatke


The heart has beautiful jewels
Without a jeweler who knows?

Raam is in your heart, 
why do you wander around?

Pure ghee is hidden in the milk
Without churning how will butter come out

Fire is hidden in the wood
Without striking how can it start?

There are such doors on the heart
Without Guru who will open the locks?

Kabir says listen seekers
With Raam by your side who can disturb you?

Alternation Translation

The heart has hidden jewels
You need a Jeweler to understand

Butter is hidden in the milk
You need churning to get it out

Fire is hidden in the wood
You need friction to start it

There are hidden doors of the heart
You need a Guru to open the locks

Listen seekers what Kabir has to say
You need Raam to lead to peace

Raam lives in your heart
Why do you wander around?