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An excerpt from “A journey to sparkling stars”

Come see the stars
sparkling in life’s night
until you too, shiv,
are the stars lit bright

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The purpose of life is to sing!

Essence of the Kenopanishad by Swami Sivananda

Essence of the Kenopanishad
by Swami Sivananda

Hari Om! May my limbs, speech, Prana, eye, ear, strength and all my senses grow vigorous. All (everything) is the Brahman of the Upanishads. May I never deny more

Don’t waste your time excavating bones, Sing!

This morning I am reading a poem on archeologists:

"They hunt all summer long the long interred, "
- Ernest Hilbert

And I thought what's the point of doing what we do? What's the purpose of our toiling. more

Realize your song, and then sing away!

Singing makes a difference because it is far away from the influence of needs. Singing frees you from the slavery of needs. Yours and the worlds. And true singing takes to closest to your most intimate more

Sing of the soul XXII – Khalil Gibran


Song Of The Soul XXII

In the depth of my soul there is 
A wordless song - a song that lives 
In the seed of my heart. 
It refuses to melt with ink on 
Parchment; it more

"The song I came to sing" from Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore

The song I came to sing!
- Rabindranath Tagore
The song that I came to sing remains unsung to this day.
I have spent my days in stringing and in unstringing my instrument.
The time has not come true, the words more

Sing: Happiness is in utility


By singing you can enjoy and make this world better at the same time. The purpose of life is to sing. 

About Shiv

Shivpreet Singh (Shiv)

Shiv is among the top 10 New Age Ambient musicians in the world on Reverbnation Charts. His compositions downloaded/streamed over a quarter million times. Shiv was trained in Indian classical music by legendary flute player Pandit Raghunath Prasanna, and in western composition at UC Berkeley. Shiv also has an MBA from University of Chicago and was formerly a wall street analyst rated by Forbes as one of the top biotechnology research analysts in the US. Besides being a musician and businessman, he is a poet and philosopher. His novel philosophy is simply that “the purpose of life is to sing.” He lives with his 2 kids, wife and parents in California.

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This is much much better what’s going on in india in the name of Bollywood.

Rishab Prasanna, Bansuri Virtuoso

WOW – It is great to hear some different and pleasant.

Dan, Progressive Rock Musician

The mixture of minor key melody scales within the overriding major chords is foreign to my ear (save for George Harrison) fascinating, haunting, and beautiful. Wonderful vocal quality and control as well. This is really nice stuff. – Tom

Tom Balek, Musician from Charlotte

Goosebumps! David and Shiv, stunning work in “Jo Mange”!

Dorinda, Listener from Texas

Love the arrangement/placement of your harmonies in “Chamkan Tare”. Beautifully done.

Slyder, Musician from Texas

Wow… “Chamkan Tare” is so beautiful. Shiv you have a gorgeous voice & Raul’s drums makes this song shimmer!

Caligulita Balmer, Musician from Guadeloupe

“Oooh this is too exquisite for words … I could listen to this all time … sheer bliss.

Annie, Singer/Songwriter on "Jo Mange"

Chamkan Tare made me cry in a nice way. Amazing

Dorothy Carroll, Ambient Musician, UK

Shiv’s voice reminds me of Jagjit Singh voice from the 1970’s.

Dattaprasad Ranade, Ghazal Singer

I really like the understated quality of Shiv’s vocal delivery. It remains Indian but with a little bit of something akin to alternative rock or indie folk.

Charlie Peacock, Grammy Winning Artist and Producer

Even when he speaks, it seems like he is singing.

Professor Atamjit Singh, Late UC Berkeley Professor

“Shiv’s voice is as sweet as his name.”

Ghulam Ali, Legendary Ghazal Singer

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  • On Mool Mantra: Beautiful Shivpreet! Get goosebumps every time I hear it. These words from the eternal that descended through our Gurus

    – Vinītā Pande on Dec 03, 2014

  • On Mool Mantra: I love this

    – Misha on Dec 03, 2014

  • Listening to your new track Mool Mantra on #SoundCloud. So peaceful and soothing. Thx Veer Ji

    – Kammy on Nov 27, 2014

  • Like to sing with you. When I’m listening to your singing I always sing with you. I love to hear your voice sing with me. I never can. So I bless you with God everyday to sing more and more. May God Bless you..

    – Swarna shanmugalingam on Oct 30, 2014

  • Presentation of videos is perfect …thanks for making these videos …. “GOD IS ONE”.. :)

    – Dishant Kumar on Oct 02, 2014

  • I think “Guru Nanak’s Aarti” is the best of your works so far. Love it!!!

    – Jeevan Jyot on Sep 09, 2014

  • Dear Shiv,

    Just listened to the beautiful rendition…’jo maange’
    i thought it was simply beautiful…there was so much soul in the lilting melody… God bless!

    Music helps us to connect to the deepest recesses of our innermost being and as we travel we discover the hitherto unknown treasure…the sound of silence that lies somewhere hidden deep within us…it is there but somehow we are not aware of it…in that silence lies fullness and true love and peace that surpasses all forms of human understanding…

    Love & Peace,


    – Rahul E Nathaniel on Sep 09, 2014

  • It fills me with Joy! Your singing, your poetry..I should look at your tweets more often :) I hope you’re well!!!

    – EmmDee11 on Sep 08, 2014

  • Shiv … you out did yourself in ‘Chamkan Tare’ … just wonderful!

    – Elizabeth Eileen Merritt on Sep 05, 2014

  • wah sardar gee wah

    – Ayaz Abbas on Aug 18, 2014

  • Many thanx for your singing ..Jo maange thakur apne se .’…My soul mantra for everyday …every morning nd evening !!! Feel so blissful nd blessed !!!!!

    – Anita Malik on Aug 09, 2014

  • [On Karima] Pure Anand veerjio! Breathless. I’m loving this rendition, wanna listen again and again … naame che swami bakhshand tu hari kareema raheema alaah tu ganee

    – Shamsher Singh on Aug 05, 2014

  • I was listening to this while driving and found myself in a mystic dream. I really loved the way you sung and the arrangements of all tracks were very impressive. This is much much better whats going in in india in the name of bollywood. My felicitations!

    – Rishab Prasanna on Aug 05, 2014

  • Wonderful rendition! [on Karima]

    – MP Singh on Aug 05, 2014

  • Spell bound!!!

    – Manjeet Jain on Jul 15, 2014

  • Awesome shivpreet ji….listening again n again to Jo Mange.very soulful.

    – Poonam Thapar on Jul 15, 2014


    – Anita Malilk on Jul 15, 2014

  • I love your music … please keep me safe while embrace my life …

    – Deborah Scott on Jul 14, 2014

  • Always loved Shiv’s Music. His voice I loved. Very heart warming and nice to listen.

    – Swarna shanmugalingam on Jun 27, 2014

  • So relaxing))

    – Sukhjeet Sandhu on Jun 26, 2014

  • Thanks again for all your wonderful pictures and quotes and your music.I’m going through a rough time. And they really lift me up.So thank you for all your effort God bless you and your family with thousands of blessings

    – Elizabeth Eileen Merritt on Jun 19, 2014

  • It is so soulful, beautiful…..loved it. Never felt so peaceful. Keep singing [On ‘Jo Mange’]

    – Simer Preet on Jun 19, 2014

  • Bliss!

    – Taranjeet Singh on Jun 09, 2014

  • I was introduced to your music one year ago. I am surprised even the heartless and people with no moral or ethical values does value your music at least !!

    – Sunny on Jun 07, 2014

  • Achievement of spirituality through the magic of song!

    – Mitul on Jun 02, 2014

  • Oakley Sunglasses

    When will my new item be shipped?

    – Oakley Sunglasses on May 25, 2014

  • There is soul in your music! its alive! :)

    – Soni Guliani on May 23, 2014

  • I don’t know how I stumbled onto “Karima” … but it’s very beautiful…puts me at peace :)

    – Victoria K on Apr 20, 2014

  • Highly impressed with the devotion and patience by which Mr Shiv is singing.

    – Ram KUMAR Punia on Mar 16, 2014

  • Super excited for this beautiful and soulful album to release by Shiv Kapoor.
    Magical and possibility are the words that come to mind after seeing the trailer!

    – Meeta Kaur on Mar 15, 2014

  • It is amazing, good luck Shiv

    – Dimple on Mar 15, 2014

  • The video looks awesome..really looking forward to listen to the complete Album…Shiv’s voice is so soothing..
    We keep on sailing in the boat of life while listening to his melodious voice.

    – Harleen on Mar 15, 2014

  • Awesome…it is…!!!

    Harpreet Chhabra

    – Harry on Mar 15, 2014

  • Congratulations. The CD created by Shiv is really really great. I have just listen but I need to listen it again and again. When we hear his voice, we get lot of peace. God has given him a voice which is very soothing.

    – Prema Wadhwa on Mar 15, 2014

  • Two years ago you told me meditation was contingent on our awareness of the stars. this seals it, thank you Master.

    – Louis Julio Someillan on Mar 15, 2014

  • Amazing video! Makes me feel like going outside to see the stars and become one with them.

    – Silkia Aponte on Mar 15, 2014

  • Never knew that a baby born “in our home” would come out to be so much gifted.

    The real ‘solitude’ will be awakened when there is nothing around. When ‘human’ singing stops, the chirping of birds, noise of air, the sight of running streams, a blade of grass will make the human body a ‘temple’ of soulfulness. Help of stairs is required to reach the roof. Once on the roof, stairs become redundant.

    Thanks and lots of love,

    – Rattan Arora on Mar 14, 2014

  • Great music!

    – El Cerrito Studio on Feb 16, 2014

  • Thank you, for your beautiful comment, and for listening… not much in this world is quite like you! :) Janice

    – Janice Kephart on Jan 17, 2014

  • So stunning, thrilled I get to share a genre with such wise, sweet music designed for any ear willing to open itself to incredible harmonies between instruments and vocals! Janice

    – Janice Kephart on Jan 15, 2014

  • Hi Shiv. Really pleased to have found your page, beautiful tracks, superbly put together and produced. Sublime. Best wishes.

    – Qollop on Nov 20, 2013

  • Love all your beautiful songs and music, it just touches my heart! Absolutely outstanding songs & vocals, you are a very gifted & talented artist Shiv, keep up the truly wonderful work, you are amazing. Awesome! God Bless you! My very best wishes to you from England, Rob.

    – Robert Steven Hunt on Oct 23, 2013

  • Excellent Vocals!! Beautiful Music!! Best Regards~J.O.A.

    – J.O.A. on Oct 04, 2013

  • Love your songs Shiv. Still I could’nt listen to all of your music. This Kaisee Aarathi song too I loved just now you are playing.God Bless You on your wonderful journey.

    – Swarna shanmugaingam on Oct 03, 2013

  • Lovely Shiv. I’m happy to listen these songs. Thankyou for sharing it with me.God Bless you. Wish you all the best.

    – Swarna Shanmugalingam on Aug 06, 2013

  • Hello, Shiv! Timeless truth meditation is really wonderful! Keep creating beautiful heavenly music!

    – Natalia Krishtopets on Jul 23, 2013

  • Wow! Wonderful music here! I wish you all the best along your journey with love and respect, XoXoX -)LB

    – Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

  • Wonderful music! It was a pleasure to listen! –Slam Horse

    – Slam Horse on Apr 02, 2013

  • Such beautiful music…continue doing what your heart a fan

    – TicTocka on Mar 04, 2013

  • Stopping by to Show some Support. And Listen to Some of Your Awesome Music! Wishing You Luck with Your Music Keep It Coming.

    – Helder Rock a.k.a. The Misfit on Feb 27, 2013



  • Love your divine music! Hope to hear you live sometime…look for us, Chaitanya Kirtan…we also play some songs in Gurumukh…Blessings!

    – Chaitanya on Dec 29, 2012

  • Happy Holidays Shiv! May the blessings be

    – Digee on Dec 25, 2012

  • Shiv I want to send you a gift card. Help me. It did not initialize correctly. Thankyou.

    – Swarna shanmugaingam on Dec 20, 2012

  • It?s always lovely to hear great music! I just uploaded my new video hope you will come by and check it out. Peace and blessings! ???

    – Yasmeen on Nov 23, 2012

  • Hope your Thanksgiving has been stuffed with happiness! Thanks for sharing your music with me! You rock! Sophi from Houston

    – Sophi on Nov 22, 2012

  • When I am not being a musician on RN, I am the Headteacher of a school in my day job. Your music would be perfect to share with the children! Very nice my friend!

    – Big Baggy Jumper on Nov 21, 2012

  • Beautiful music and soothing vocals, wow, really nice sound here.

    – Kim Guthrie on Nov 21, 2012

  • Shiv, like all those instrumentals.Thankyou very much for helping me to share these lovely songs and music.

    – Swarna shanmugaingam on Nov 20, 2012

  • The sitar calls me to travel here and pay my gratitude for the impending wonderful mood.

    – Jordan Martin on Oct 13, 2012

  • leaving love and enjoying your music! always feel free to post any updates you have in my comment section, it’s the best way to reach me so I can support you! ? ? ?

    – Amanda Pollard on Sep 25, 2012

  • Excellent work!! Love your music!!

    – AMBILALA on Sep 16, 2012

  • Nice videos.

    – Isa Conar on Aug 14, 2012


    – IRA JACKSON on Jul 30, 2012

  • Vert ear catching and relaxing. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    – Mike Glendinning on Jul 30, 2012

  • Gorgeous Shiv!!! Thank you for sharing your blessed vibrations of sound :) ALLoneLOVE

    – World Wide Pocket on Jul 14, 2012

  • Enjoying SATNAM SIMRAN-SAACHE NAYE on this afternoon! Beautiful!!!

    – DollyG on Jun 14, 2012

  • Got some nice sound here! Keep it up! Cheeeeeese from the sunny Switzerland! ;0)

    – Cemo Mus!ck on Mar 26, 2012

  • Nice mood :)

    – Dreanpitch on Mar 19, 2012

  • Soo soothing! Brilliant work,Shiv! Such beautiful songs..thank you :-)

    – In Real Life~Infinite Vision Productions on Mar 19, 2012

  • soothing…

    – Axl Hazarika on Mar 01, 2012

  • Such a cool and original sound. Love it.

    – Corey Nichols on Feb 23, 2012

  • Love your sound. Your fusion of genres is incredible. Very beautiful, a man after my own heart.

    – Bill Wren and Frank Ralls Music on Feb 18, 2012

  • Showing some local love for fans of fellow Tucsonan Loren Dircks… really like your stuff… rock on

    – Whyte Panther on Feb 15, 2012

  • gettin my new fix..QTR

    – Quote The Raven on Jan 31, 2012

  • It’s ya boi *Dehz* (R&B/Pop) artist from Dallas, TX showin you some love! Check out my music, pics & vids when you get the chance! Much luv! Tell others about me and (Become a Fan if you haven? yet)z

    – Dehz on Jan 05, 2012


    – Natalia Krishtopets on Dec 28, 2011

  • Great Sound !!

    – Nupachino on Dec 19, 2011

  • beautiful music,have great day adios mario

    – Mario pompetti on Dec 18, 2011

  • AWESOME! Wishing you all the best and continued success in 2012!! -Jon from PROMIZE

    – PROMIZE? on Dec 16, 2011

  • Monday…work…let’s make it a Shiv morning! His music helps unlock my programming brain. :)

    – Jordan Martin on Nov 21, 2011

  • Great page, playing some of your tunes just now and promise to return. Please visit our page, find us on facebook if you want, and we?ll send our lurve straight back ? we ALWAYS support fellow performers ? :: Respect from the Boogie Bros in Scotland ::

    – Lewis Hamilton on Nov 19, 2011

  • Very best to you!

    – Maxlink AkA Dark Angel on Oct 26, 2011

  • really nice songs!

    – Tray C Joel on Oct 25, 2011

  • Back for more beauty Shiv…..divine work.

    – Auriemma on Oct 02, 2011

  • Stopping by with some support!! Much love! ? ? ?

    – Amanda Pollard on Sep 28, 2011

  • Nice to meet you too! I love your songs :-) they are very calming and lovely!

    – Corinna Herbertson on Sep 20, 2011

  • We still greatly enjoy this pure and beautiful sound you bring. Your talent is a blessing indeed!

    – Bill Wren and Frank Ralls Music on Sep 15, 2011

  • great sounds!

    – Recorder on Sep 14, 2011

  • Very relaxing…I like this alot!

    – Barrett on Aug 24, 2011

  • Back for some of the greatest vibes on Reverbantion, beautiful soul touching Shiv tunes. Shine on!

    – Note Slinger on Aug 22, 2011

  • good stuff!

    – Before Perils on Aug 09, 2011

  • The aromatic fragrance of your music helps turn the wheel of Earths loving spirit ,so when listening to your wonderful compositions one can feel the tranquility of sound and the Peace of Heart that it this brings, thank you Shiv,Peace, World Heart, Sound and Vision, Johnny

    – Johnny Bonkers on Aug 05, 2011

  • Awesome peacful music!! Great Ambient!!! Keep it UP!

    – STAND VOLUME on Aug 03, 2011

  • Dear Shiv, your music is warm and calm…I’m happy to hear all! I feel as if I’m transported to a serene and beautiful place whenever I visit your page.

    – DollyG on Aug 02, 2011

  • Great music! Can’t wait for more!!

    – Bill Wren and Frank Ralls Music on Jul 26, 2011

  • Shiv was, in my darkest beginnings, a source of light in my life. His music is a manifestation of Shiv’s inner beauty.

    – Jordan Martin on Jul 24, 2011

  • always love stopping in to relax and enjoy these beautiful compositions.

    – MikeWhitePresents on Jul 19, 2011

  • Love your songs .. best wishes

    – EG Music Ousama AFIFI on Jul 14, 2011

  • Great peaceful and calming vibe in your sound!!!

    – John Revitte on Jul 11, 2011

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