Shivpreet Singh

Short Bio

Shivpreet Singh is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and multi-media artist based in California. He is the founder of DhunAnand Foundation, a nonprofit corporation focused on supporting artists serving the planet. He is the founder and CEO of BioRamon Pharmaceuticals,  a biopharmaceutical company involved in the discovery and research of oncology medicine. He is also the cofounder of Stonegate Healthcare Partners, a healthcare advisory services firm based in Dallas, Texas. Shivpreet has a Bachelors from UC Berkeley and an MBA from University of Chicago. 

Shivpreet Singh pioneered a new genre of Indo-American music that brings together melodic intricacies of Indian classical music, instrumentation and harmonic elements of Western music, contemporary musicians from around the world, as well as philosophy and poetry of diverse traditions focused on oneness. Over 25 million minutes of Shivpreet's videos (with music, art and poetry) are viewed annually by an audience around the world. 

Shivpreet is the 10th direct descendant of celebrated 17th century Sikh Poet Bhai Nandlal Goya

Business Background

Shivpreet is also an accomplished business professional focused on healthcare. He holds bachelor degrees in Biochemistry and Music from UC Berkeley, as well as an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He was one of the leading equity research analysts in the US and covered the Biotechnology sector and was rated among the top three biotechnology analysts by Forbes in the US. His opinion on the US Biotechnology sector has been widely quoted in leading US media including CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, and Barron’s Guide. He provides advisory services through Stonegate Healthcare Partners, a healthcare and sustainability strategic and banking service firm that he co-founded in 2022. He is also the founder and CEO of BioRamon Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company involved in the discovery and research of oncology medicine.

Early Biography

Shivpreet was born in Kathmandu, Nepal in March 1975. Shivpreet was trained in Indian classical music since the age of 5 years from Indian shehnai and bansuri legend Mastreo Pandit Raghunath Prasanna of the Banaras Gharana. He is one of the rare Western musicians trained in Indian Classical music under the traditional ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’. This tradition has been passed on for several centuries in India through an oral tradition.

He grew up in South Delhi, India and went to Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram, in India where he topped his class in 10th grade. He studied English, Sanskrit, Hindi, and Punjabi since his formative years. Growing up he was a musical prodigy and was honored by the former Indian President Giani Zail Singh at age 15 for his inaugural bansuri performance.

In 1991, Shivpreet moved to San Francisco Bay Area and completed his high school at Silver Creek High School San Jose, California where he was valedictorian of his class in 1992. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Biochemistry and a minor in Music in 1996.

Shivpreet’s first CD, Ardaas was launched in the US in 1997 by EMI making him the first South Asian musician to land a major record deal. Shivpreet continues to do research on Indian classical music ragas and is a popular niche blogger on Ragas. The melodic variant components of his music rely primarily on his significant vast knowledge about conveying specific emotions through melody cascading specific Raags.

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