Adding to repertoire

I always find raag-ful Shabad Kirtan enchanting; however, oftentimes the recording quality available on the web is disappointing. And I know you can empathize with these sentiments.

Which is why I point the effort at Present here are probably some of the better available live recordings on the internet. Try listening to some of those recordings on a headphone or a superior amplifier system. As you can hear, these recordings are definitely a treasure for us and future generations. And, thankfully for me, and the rest of kirtan premis, a treasure that seems to be growing gradually.

The recordings involve usage of large diaphragm microphones, which are a lot more sensitive in picking up nuances. And nuances are so important to classical music. Recently the recordings are done in a multi-track format, which can be later mixed.

While we enjoy the outcome of these, all this this takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. So we are thankful to Ajit Singh ji who does the recordings and manages the website. I will continue to write about these recordings as more are available.

Since it is the winter season, several new Raag Tukhari recordings can be found in the most recent posting at the site. Usage of shudha ma and komal ni differentiate Tukhari from Madhuvanti. My favorite Tukhari in this program is by Bhai Devinder Singh/Gulbagh Singh:

Tukhari - Antar Piree Piaar - Devinder-Gulbagh Singh

The rest of the recordings from this program can be found here:
Malton Oct 4

And before I bid happy thanksgiving, I want to point out that yesterday, started its new audio offering: This looks very interesting and adds a 'social' theme to the listening of Gurbani and adds some really innovative features. Two that stood out in my first drive: when you click on one shabad, you can get renditions of the same shabad by other artists; the media player includes a rolling translation of the shabad. Kudos Gurmustuk!!!