O Songlet, why so serious? – A poem

O Songlet, why so serious?

Seeing her frivolous frown
despondent dad of the bride
pledged the minor’s fix
with a half-note slide.

Mercilessly, he, with a knife
Sharpened her reluctant third
Until in bloody harmony
Her bliss he fully heard.

– Shiv
July 18, 2011

For those curious about the minor third: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minor_third

This is a poem about a composer who creates a sad song, and then tries to make it sound happy. Earlier today I was reading Emily Dickinson; so inspired I wrote a poem using her favorite structure in response to an Indie Ink┬áchallenge (my second!) from Manju: “Why so serious”

To read my challenge read Jazminedt’s blog

11 Replies to “O Songlet, why so serious? – A poem”

  1. I am not very versed in music but this poem sang with such harmony and rhythm that I couldn’t help but be moved. A great piece Shiv, thanks.

  2. Shiv…I’m not sure why this didn’t make it onto the spreadsheet, but I just put it in for you. This is really a powerful poem. Sometimes moving from minor to major can feel cutting, can’t it?

  3. Thanks K … Thanks for being an angel. I am going to print that comment and put it on the wall for a week for inspiration. Did I say thanks?

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