Mustard Hills

I was travelling
on the train today
on bay area rapid transport.
we call it “BART” here.

Like I do almost everyday
going rapidly back and forth
home to office,
then home again.
So I think.

It takes me about an hour
(when I am not dreaming)
and it usually gives me time
to read something or think.
Today I couldn’t do either.

Because I was mesmerized.
I couldn’t stop looking
at the mustard flowers
on lush green hills
alongside the tracks.

I couldn’t hear the train,
its timely movements
or the person behind me,
his loud inclinations
I couldn’t see the spots
of fargone rain on the window
No distractions
None at all
Just green and yellow.

This is absolutely
the most beautiful season
in northern california
this is what makes this place
the best place to live
this makes this place

Home is where love lives
where the soul rests in peace
because greed has died
not because
it is diminished at all
it has ballooned so large
that it has consumed
my self and the surroundings
into ONE
it has compelled me
to hold a little
child’s hand
because she needs it
(so I think)
so she can learn to
play the piano.
Thats home.

I have become the yellow
spotting on the green,
the flower of the connection,
which is green
because it is connected
or else it would be a twig;

I am not a twig
I am alive
I am at home,
and flowering yellow
and my soul sings:

mustard spots, green hills
consumed my greed
I am at home now
Love is all I need

– Shiv

Credit: God, Kabir, John Lennon


9 Replies to “Mustard Hills”

  1. the simran (shabad) is awsome..the voice is so soulful….just love it…can i get the whole shabad..the full length…its so soothing…gudluck

  2. WOW! I loved this. It was almost as if I were there. I could hear the music in your words…beautiful! As I think about home, I have lost almost all material things in this cancer fight of mine, but I am happy. Home for me now is heaven and that is when forever starts. Thank you.

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