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    Especially the stretch ‘ RAAM NAAAM RAAM NAAAM’ is enough for a GLIMPSE OF WHAT HAPPINESS DIVINITY can IMPART’


  2. Would like to ask if you are available for private event in our home in the East Bay. Would appreciate it if you could. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Ashish ji. I will put that on my list to compose … I love the lyrics. But I must let you know that it takes me a lot of time to compose, sing and edit … Keep in touch!

  3. Thankyou veerji. You are such an inspiration. Your voice is so enchanting and the singing flawless. I can feel Guru ji hug you. You are so blessed. Plz keep up the fantastic work, me and my family shall be looking forward to more of your videos.

  4. Gratitude … Have no words to praise you which can match your recitation in praise of almighty. Golden words. Golden voice

  5. From yesterday I am hooked on to your compositions on you tube. What a soulful singing in praise of Waheguru. I feel so proud to know about you. Please continue more so that we can educate our kids on Sikhi through a pull and not pushing the new generation.
    Warm regards
    Sanjit Singh Lamba, MD Eisai Pharmaceuticals , India

  6. Dearest Shivpreet, your Raghunath performence is superb…I am listening it again and again, composition and words are wonderful. Your voice has touched the soul … Moreover the pieces of Veena by Vaidya ji are really really beautiful … Aha kya baat hai choti choti harkatain jo tumhain lin hain … God bless you and a big salute to Vaidya ji … I should mention here that videography of this shabd is very beautiful.

  7. God bless you Singh ji…Your voice and presentation is so soothing…
    And thanks a lot for translation and detailed explanation of Gurbanis..
    I am mesmerized literally… God bless you always always always!

  8. Respected Shiv Sir. My seven year old has developed undying love for Gurbani. Thanks to your approach…putting down simple understandable meanings to the divine words….he listens to all your shabads for at least half an hour before he dozes off. Guru Meharan!! And now when he talks about buying a huge bungalow…i know what to say….Baba Jai ghar karte…..Gratitude and blessings.

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