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Interesting article published in “The Times” (UK) on Kundalini yoga, the yoga for the householder as described by Harbhajan Yogi : Forget Bikram, with its 40C heated rooms, and forget Ashtanga, with (more…)

Yoga is not in the patched coat,
Yoga is not in the walking stick.
Yoga is not in smearing the body with ashes.

Yoga is not in the earrings,
and not the shaven head.
Yoga is not the blowing of the horn.

By mere (more…)

Ray man eh bidh jog kamaa-o
Oh my mind, practice Yoga in this way:

Singee saach akapat kanthalaa
Let Truth be your horn, sincerity your necklace,

Dhi-aan Bibhoot charaa-o
and meditation the ashes you apply (more…)

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