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A unique collaboration with Bay Area cellist Suellen Primost and troubadour saxophonist Jeremy Marais
SAN RAMON, Calif. - Sept. 6, 2016 - PRLog -- Ekonkar Records announces the release of Shivpreet Singh's Kirtan album Saas Saas. The album includes six new tracks including an English poem, four Gurbani shabads, and a meditation track.  Much of the music from the album was several years in the making.  The title track Saas Saas is the first fusion recreation of a popular traditional composition. Ardaas is a rejuvination of Shivpreet Singh's memorable title track composition from his first album.  Kartaa is a new composition in Raag Shri with unconventional accompaniment of the cello and sax, and a pop beat.

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This album features two talented musicians who are new to Gurbani music: Suellen Primost on the cello and Jeremy Marais on the Saxophone.  Vocals, music, mixing and mastering are done by Shivpreet Singh.

Saas Saas can now be heard from several streaming sites including Spotify, You Tube Music, Pandora and Apple Music.  Tracks can also be downloaded from several digital avenues including iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play.

About Shivpreet Singh

Shivpreet Singh is a California based singer and composer who is a pioneer in fusion Indian music. Trained initially by the legendary Indian Classical master Pt. Raghunath Prasanna, and later at U.C. Berkeley, his music blends multiple genres. He was the first south asian in the US to land a major label contract. Since 2010 he has been producing music independently in collaboration with musicians around the world and his compositions have been downloaded and streamed over 1 million times in the past 5 years.

Press Release:

This fusion piece was composed in collaboration with Peter Rand (Keys), Saranya Varma (Vocals), Nicola Offidani (Guitar), Raul Rodriguez (Drums), and Rob Glass (Bass).  Thanks for listening, liking, and sharing!
I just realized ... Since I started putting videos on youtube, more than one-million minutes have been watched on my channel.  I don't know most of the people who listen to my music but I am very grateful for their love and inspiration.    

I don't put a lot of my music on YouTube because frankly it is easier to just publish music without videos.  But among the ones that I have posted, these are my favorite:

The Words

Charan Kamal Prabh Kay Nit Dhiayaon
Kavan sumat jit preetam paon

Kavan Sanjog milaon prabh apnay
Pal pal nimakh sadaa har japnay

Aisi kirpa kart parch mercy
Har Nanak bisar na kahoo beray


I meditate continually on the lotus feet of love.
What wisdom will lead me to attain my love?

What blessed destiny will lead me to meet my love?
Each and every moment meditate on love.

Bless me with such mercy my love
that I may never ever forget you.
It was great to get this email from Pandora that my music is finally on Pandora. This was one of the main reasons why I had decided this year -- after 5+ years of making music available on reverbnation (more…)

Chamkan Tare by Guru Arjan
Music and Vocals: Shivpreet Singh (California)
Drums: Raul R (Florida)

On Kompoz:

On Reverbnation:

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Beloved Insomniacs

All sleep in the (more…)

Recently I recorded my dear Guru Nanak’s Aarti. ┬áIt was just me and the piano in my studio one evening. The essence of this beautiful poem is “How can I light candles for the one who has ignited all (more…)

Usually I thank one individual on each blog entry, but I thought this week I would write a note of thanks to all you angels who listen to my music and encourage me to sing. I am blessed that I have you (more…)

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