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Raag Malaar, Guru Arjan Dev:

Gun Gopal Gao Neet - Translation

Dear Gopal ... 
You are in my consciousness
I sing your songs

Forsaking my pride, abandoning my ego, 
I have joined the enlightened ones
In your remembrance 
and my sorrows have ended

With your kindness
useless entanglements have broken
In the feet of the enlightened ones
I sing your songs forever
Raag Malaar, Guru Arjan Dev:

Gun Gopal Gao Neet - Translation

I sing the praises of the Lord
I hold the Lord's in my consciousness

Forsaking my pride, I abandon my ego, 
and join the company of the Holy
Meditating in the remembrance of the Lord 
my sorrows are ended, O friend.

The Supreme Lord God has become merciful to me
corrupt entanglements have come to an end
Grasping the feet of the Holy,
Nanak sings forever the Praises of the Lord
Mere Lalan Ki Sobha 
Guru Arjan Dev

Mere Lalan Ki Sobha
My lover's beauty
Sad navtan man rangi sobha
Ever new body mind colored beauty

Brahm Mahesh Sidh Mun Indra Bhagati daan Jas Mangi
Brahma, Shiva, the Siddhas, the silent sages and Indra beg for the charity of His Praise and devotion to Him. ||1||

Jog Gyan Dhyaan Sekhnage Sagal Japeh Tarangi
Yogis, spiritual teachers, meditators and the holy serpent all meditate in Waves

Kaho Nanak Santan Baliharai, Jo Prabh kay sad Sangi 
Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the Saints, who are the Eternal Companions of God.

O love, I am taken by your beauty
The greatest ones beg for your devotion
Yogis, Intellectuals, Meditators sway in your waves
O eternity, I love your lovers. 

In Brhadaranyaka Upanishad, Yajnavalkya is questioned by his students to describe God. He states "The Divine is not this and it is not that"  (neti, neti).

Sanskrit Shloka:-
तत्त्वमस्यादिवाक्येन (more…)
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