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Translation of "Honton Se Chhoo Lo Tum"

Touch it with your lips
And let my song last forever
Become my best friend now
And let my love last forever

Let age be no barrier
Let birth have no say
On matter of love let
just the heart hold sway
Now start love's new custom 
And let this custom play forever

To cure my solitary heart
of the stillness of the skies
One day ringing your anklets 
may you walk into my life
With your air in life's music
Let my song breathe forever

Whatever the world liked
it took away from me
Winning was for them
And losing was for me 
Now lose your heart to me
And let my victory beat forever

Let its music last forever
Let my song last forever

Lyrics in Hindi (Romanized)

Honton se chhoo lo tum
Mera geet amar kar do... (2)
Ban jaao meet mere
Meri preet amar kar do
Honton se chhoo lo tum
Mera geet amar kar do

Na umr ki seema ho
Na janm ka ho bandhan... (2)
Jab pyaar kare koi
To dekhe keval mann
Nayi reet chalaakar tum
Yeh reet amar kar do... (2)

Aakaash ka soonapan
Mere tanha mann mein... (2)
Paayal chhankaati tum
Aa jaao jeevan mein
Saansein dekar apni
Sangeet amar kar do
Sangeet amar kar do
Mera geet amar kar do
Jag ne chheena mujhse
Mujhe jo bhi laga pyaara... (2)
Sab jeeta kiye mujhse
Main har dam hi haara
Tum haarke dil apna
Meri jeet amar kar do... (2)
Honton se chhoo lo tum
Mera geet amar kar do

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