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A timeless songs that reminds us that the time to sing is now ...

The wind is high, clouds dark,
O the boatman, Row your boat.

You give it the direction, 
while I prepare the sail high-
Row, Row your boat.

Resonance of the chains, time and again, 
Isn’t the yell for despair
Unbearable are the bounds, 
its oscillations are hence.
Row, Row your boat.

Do not ask, whether or not to venture,
The day, time just or not, anxiously.
If your luck runs against, roughness beyond control,
Smashing storm, sea waves even higher,
Be confident, adjust to the rhythm,
Chanting His name merrily. 
Row, Row your boat.

Kharobayu boi bege charidik chai meghe
Ogo neye naokhani baiyo
Tumi kose dharo hal, ami tule badhi pal
Hai maro maro tan haiyo

Srinkhole barbar jhanjhano jhankar noi a to taronir krandon sankar
Bandhon durbar sajjyo na hoi ar talomalo kare aaj tai o
Hai maro maro tan haiyo

Goni goni din khan chanchal kori mon
Bolo na jai ki nai jai re
Sanshoi parabar antare habe par
Udbege takaiyo na baire
Jodi mate mahakal uddam jatajal jhore hoi lunthito dhau uthe uttal
Hoyo nako kunthito tale tar diyo tal joy joy joygan gaiyo

Hai maro maro tan haiyo

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