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The following post is from a BBC article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/happiness_formula/4783836.stm

According to psychologist Professor Ed Diener there is no one key to happiness but a set of ingredients that are vital.

First, family and friends are crucial – the wider and deeper the relationships with those around you the better.

It is even suggested that friendship can ward off germs. Our brains control many of the mechanisms in our bodies which are responsible for disease.

Just as stress can trigger ill health, it is thought that friendship and happiness can have a protective effect.

According to happiness research, friendship has a much bigger effect on average on happiness than a typical person’s income itself.

One economist, Professor Oswald at Warwick University, has a formula to work out how much extra cash we would need to make up for not having friends.

The answer is £50,000.

Marriage also seems to be very important. According to research the effect of marriage adds an average seven years to the life of a man and something like four for a woman.

The second vital ingredient is having meaning in life, a belief in something bigger than yourself – from religion, spirituality or a philosophy of life.

The third element is having goals embedded in your long term values that you’re working for, but also that you find enjoyable.

Psychologists argue that we need to find fulfilment through having goals that are interesting to work on and which use our strengths and abilities.

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  • swarna shanmugalingam says:

    Thankyou Shiv. You always made me happy. This picture itself can make someone happy when looking at it. Not only this but there were so many photos added by you and tried to make someone happy. I feel it when even reading some of your poetry. Sometimes you make someone happy sometimes try to make someone feel angry, sometimes you can make someone cry even but I loved all those qualities. Always missed your voice but listening to music takes away all those unhappy moments. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all those gratefulness given not only to me but for all the others too who comes into your life from time to time.Thankyou once again. May God Bless you always.

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