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Guru Tegh Bahadur on Life:

rae nar eih saachi e jeea dhaar |
O mind, grasp this Truth firmly in your soul.

sagal jagath hai jaisae supanaa binasath lagath n baar |1| rehaao |
The whole world is just like a dream; it will pass away in an instant. ||1||Pause||

baaroo bheeth banaaee rach pach rehath nehee dhin chaar |
Like a wall of sand, built up and plastered with great care, which does not last even a few days,

thaisae hee eih sukh maaeiaa kae ourajhiou kehaa gavaar |1|
just so are the pleasures of Maya. Why are you entangled in them, you ignorant fool? ||1||

ajehoo samajh kash bigariou naahin bhaj lae naam muraar |
Understand this today – it is not yet too late! Chant and vibrate the Name of the Lord.

kahu naanak nij math saadhan ko bhaakhiou thohi pukaar |2|8|
Says Nanak, this is the subtle wisdom of the Holy Saints, which I proclaim out loud to you. ||2||8||

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