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Here is an inspirational story I read today about a mompreneur called Stacy Stevens. I am sure you will be as inspired with this story and will want to sing as beautifully as Stacy does after you read this and visit her website: askstacystevens.com

Stacy Stevens, in her own words:

A little about me…
I grew up in a happy family home in Temperance, Michigan. My father worked for the railroad and my mother as a Purchasing Manager for a factory. When I was four years old, my mother noticed that when I looked at her, one of my eyes wandered. I was taken in to St Vincents for some testing. The news was not good. I had a tumor on my optic never, and they wouldn’t touch it. I was sent to Mott’s Children’s Hospital on the University of Michigan campus (GO BLUE!) in Ann Arbor, Mi.

It was there that I met the team of doctors that would save my life for the first time! The second time my life was saved was in 2005. I was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident. At 65 MPH a head on collision was not the way I planned on ending my evening! I’ll never forget the thoughts that ran through my head when I saw those headlights. I thought for sure, “This is where it ends…”

One month later, despite begin told otherwise, I was back at home with a wheel chair, a walker, and a healthy dose of determination. Within a few weeks I ditched the “tools” for a cane, and decided I’d just walk! I’m now in the best shape I’ve ever been in! Lucky for me I did not posses the understanding of things like, “No, you can’t do that” or “That will never work”.

I had it all figured out, until I changed my mind, again…
I graduated High School in 1995, and was on a mission to “grow up” as fast as I could! At 34 now, I think I’m almost there. By 1996 I was married and in Cosmetology School, 1997 gave birth to Christian, 1998 we added Davey to the family, and by 2000 I was raising them on my own.

After 5 years standing behind a chair in a salon, I looked around and realized, there’s more to life than this for me. I walked out the door and signed up for nursing school. I completed that degree and landed a great job, yet I still wasn’t completely satisfied. Being a great mom and a great nurse meant that I would work midnights so that I could be home for my kids during the day while they were awake. I sacrificed sleep to be the mom my kids needed me to be. I was exhausted, and still could barely afford to offer my children the life that I had envisioned for them. No matter what I did, there was still more month left at the end of the money! Being in their preteen years, I was worried that time was running out! I was even more worried that leaving them home alone after dark was not in all of our best interest if you know what I mean…

I needed to make a change and I needed to do it NOW! I wasn’t willing to take on another job and sacrifice more of my precious time away from them, I was already gone more than I should be! So, what’s a good momma to do?

Discovering the power of relationships and Networking…
You know those moments of desperation where you are beging for a sign, or a bone or something to come your way? I hopped on Facebook and was a little freaked out and doing some mindless clicking to clear my head! It was then I was introduced to It Works! Global, which I was pretty sure was one of those “pyramid things” I did my due diligence. The little voice in my head said JUMP! The little demon in my head said, “Thats not stable, bad move!” Good thing I don’t pay attention to demons! I began my endeavor as a Mompreneur and quickly left my career. I now have both personal freedom and the financial freedom I desired for my small family! I am Living the Dream, and loving every minute! I love to help others, I want to leave an impact on every life I encounter on my path to greatness! I hope you enjoy my sharing of my success, my struggles, and the joys I experience with you!

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