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I am singing this beautiful Mira bhajan while it is raining outside …

barasai badariyaa saavan kii,
saavan kii man bhaavan kii.
saavan me.n umagyo mero manavaa,
bhanak sunii hari aavan kii..
uma.D ghuma.D chahu.n disase aayo,
daamaNa damake jhar laavan kii.
naanhii.n naanhii.n buu.ndan mehaa barasai,
siital pavan sohaavan kii..
miiraa.N ke prabhu giradhar naagar,
aananda ma.ngal gaavan kii.

jharri — phuljharri — damak jhari

It is raining in the month of Savan,
I like the rain coming down.
In Savan, my heart starts to pine,
I hear the sound of Hari coming.
The clouds have rolled in from all sides,
lightening occurs and it pours.
Tiny drops come from the clouds,
and I enjoy the cool breeze.
O lord of Mira, called Giradhar Nagar,
The cloudy season is for singing joyfully

For Hindi version:

My version:

Clouds pour down during Saavan
Saavan is the time of bliss
Its the time when my mind pines to hear
the whispers of my love’s footsteps
For the clouds roll in from all sides
and lightening to strike time and again
Tiny drops to then fall from the clouds
and then blows a cool breeze
Mira welcomes her love Krishna
with her songs of love

*Most altered line, because it is needed to connect the rest of the poem to what Mira wants to convey in her bhajan.

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