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Often we try to convince people to act in a certain way to achieve a positive result. We, in our ego, forget that the path was not important that the eventual goal was important.  The message might be good, but if the person doesn’t agree with the path, it is a waste.   

If there is something good we want to communicate to someone, something that will be beneficial to them in the future, lets not scare them with the path you took.  Let us try to learn the path that they took, understand it, and then with full comprehention see if that is indeed a better path than yours.  Because the path that that person might take might be very different from yours.  And the path you might have taken might actually be wrong and arduous. 

Yes the message is “Ekonkaar Gurprasad.” (http://shivsangels.blogspot.com/2010/03/guru-nanak-elegance-of-ek-omkaar.html): That the universe is one, that I am part of it, that I am grateful to have learned this from my Guru, and that I am and will always be in bliss as long as I remember that. That is the central message that can bring morality without superstition.  That is the truth.  But I welcome people to take whatever path they want to take to it.  I am happy if you want morality without superstition.  I have my own path and I welcome to understand yours.  Come tell me if there is a better way than singing Ekonkaar under the guidance of my Guru.

Convince them of the message, relating the path you took is your duty as a helpful being, but convincing any other of your path is not important.

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